The CERCLE MUNSTER is a club in the true sense of the word. The circle takes pride in including ladies amongst its members. Admission to the club is reserved exclusively for members and their guests. To become a member of the club, a candidate's application must have the backing of two sponsors. The final decision rests with the admissions committee for admission.

The committee is made up of five representatives with the same socio-professional background as Munster S.A shareholders, who represent a cross-section of society including industrialists, bankers, business men, tradespeople and private individuals. In addition, reciprocal agreements have been made with similar clubs abroad.


Upon entering the three-storey house, that include a hall, a bar and library, you can relax and forget the hasy morning atmosphere in the soft colours of the club. You can refer to the daily newspapers or gaze upon the temporary exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and other objects of art.

The main reception area and the offices are to be found here. In the middle of the foyer is the stairway which will lead you to the bar and a stroll through the house.


A magnificent staircase leads you to the first floor with its distinctly english bar.

Across the bar the selection of drinks encourages you to linger and sample the aperitifs, liqueurs and cocktails. The crackling of logs, the leather seats and the mellow warmth of a drink lull you into a relaxed frame of mind.


On the top floor we find the library, the crowning glory of the place, a comfortable room with an attractive decor and cleverly laid out. It is here that the CERCLE MUNSTER holds selected events: conferences, slide-shows, chamber music, and jazz concerts.

A monthly newsletter advises members of all the events organised by the club.

The library is also the place where a member's ability to outmanoeuvre a rival is put to the test, playing bridge, chess, etc...

The club is a good place for both work and relaxation.


A two hundred-year old lorrainese door, evidence of the history of the house, takes you from the bar through to the restaurant. This trace of the past reminds us of the tradition of well-being on these premises, and the warm welcome contributing to the excellent reputation of this establishment. Gentlemen are required to wear a jacket and tie.

The gastronomic restaurant is situated on the first floor, along side the river Alzette. From our menu or daily specials, a fine cuisine is proposed using the best products from the marked.


Private rooms can hold from 10 to 100 people and may also be used for meetings and conferences. Technical material is available as are secreterial services, overhead and slide projectors, screens, flipcharts and video-recorders.

It is possible to reserve rooms, accomodating from 2 to 80 people. The rooms are available for midday or evening events with meals from the menu, or dishes chosen in advance. These arrangements facilitate meetings and limit interruptions during working sessions.

Brasserie & Terrasse

The CERCLE MUNSTER's brasserie is to be found on the ground floor, along side the river Alzette. The cloakroom is on the right hand side near the entrance. The corridor leads to the courtyard, tastefully separated by a whisky cupboard.

The menu includes a variety of salads and dishes with ingredients fresh from the market.

During summertime, weather permitting, tables are placed outdoors, inviting you to relax on the banks of the Alzette, in the shade of trees. A brasserie service is at your disposal here.



ground floor